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Our main activity is to act as an agent in offering yachts for charter in Croatia, bareboat, skippered or fully crewed yachts.

Although we are specialized in yacht charter in Croatia, we are also able to offer yacht charter services throughout the world, especially in the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey) and the Caribbean.

We prepared tour guides for you and you can find it on our website, Tours section. They contain a detailed route description including the distances between the individual stages, tips regarding harbours, buoys and great anchorages and of course – gastronomic highlights. For any special requests ask your Skipper and he will guide you so you can relax and enjoy.

Almost all yachts are equipped with a Wi-Fi, Internet free of charge. You can connect with all your smart phones, tablets or laptops on board – free of charge.

On our web site you can find all our boats with pictures and technical description. If you still need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. After you have chosen a boat, we can make an option, i.e. we book the boat for a few days for you, so you can organize your travel plans or we can do that for you, just send us a mail.

Your charter yacht awaits you fully equipped, i.e. it has bed linen, as well as cutlery i and everything needed for cooking on board.

All licences and certificates recognized in Croatia may be found here: http://www.mppi.hr/UserDocsImages/TABLICA (2)MoU 6-2_13.pdf

The usual time for taking over the vessel is Saturday at 5 pm. In case you plan to arrive earlier, you should let us know about the time of your arrival, so that we can arrange an earlier takeover. In case you plan to set off on Friday, you should book a room somewhere, since the guest who rented the vessel that week are still on it.

The vessel should be returned untill 5pm, Friday. This is necessary so that our staff can check the boat. Of course, you can stay on the boat for the night but you must be ready to leave it not later than 9 o’clock so that it would be ready for the following crew.

The skipper can sleep in a salon, if there is a place for sleeping. Some bigger vessels have special cabins used only by the skipper. In any case, we recommend renting a vessel with a special cabin for the skipper in order to feel comfortable and so that you can use the salon for spending time together and not for sleeping. When it comes to paying food for the skipper or the hostess, you should pay for their food.

In Croatia one must pay with Kuna, it is the official means of payment. There are exchange offices in the marinas, so that you wouldn’t encounter some problems if you run out of Kuna. In restaurants and shops you can pay with your credit card.

It is definitely better to choose a marina or a small port with electricity, water and other ”perks” of civilization and it will also be safe in case of bad weather. Also, there are numerous safe and protected bays with buoys to which you can tie your vessel. The least safe way is to sleep in an anchored vessel and we advise you against that.

When going on a boat, you need to take your clothes, items for personal hygiene, towels (can be rented) and medicaments. You should also take some warmer clothes and water-proof jacket in case of bad weather, and you should also pay attention to having shoes on that are appropriate for the boat. You can buy food and drinks in the marine or in one of the shops near the marine. Also, you can provide us your provisionary list and we’ll do the shopping for you (you’ll pay everything on the check in).

Each vessel and crew is insured for possible damage.

It is necessary if you are on a boat for a fist time, i.e. if you don’t have necessary permits (boat steering permit and VHF permit). Cases where a boat is rented together with the crew are exceptions.

Our offer includes following vessel types: Sailing boats – excellent for both family and active vacation Catamarans – very stable and comfortable Motor boats – for speed sailing enthusiasts Gulet most suitable for big group of tourists. (more than 10 people) Before choosing a vessel, please bear in mind the following details: How many people will be on board and do you prefer comfort? Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin, or do some crew members require a separate cabin? Do you require a skipper or not? If you need skipper’s services, please bear in mind that the skipper sleeps on board as well, so one of the berths (either in the saloon area or in a cabin) should belong to him.

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