Skipper Academy

Skipper Academy

Sail2Croatia presents a two-week course "BECOME A SKIPPER" in which you will master all the necessary skills and knowledge for the most desirable summer job this year - skipper.

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Tečaj Regatnog jedrenja

Ako želite unaprijediti Vaše jedriličarsko znanje prijavite se na napredni regatni tečaj.

U ovom 6 – dnevnom tečaju koji je podjeljen na dva dijela, prva 3 dana se provode treninzi jedrenja u regatnom polju te zatim zadnja tri dana je predvideno za sudjelovanje u viškoj regati.

Tečaju mogu pristupiti svi zainteresirani kandidati koji su sa uspjehom završili osnovni i napredni tečaj jedrenja.

Teme tečaja su:

sportsko jedrenje(regatna pravila, psiho – motoričke pripreme za regatu, taktike jedrenja u polju, taktika starta, jedrenje u grupi, individualni manevri, osnove vremenske taktike).

Why to use our service?

  • Fundamentals of aero and hydrodynamics (fluid mechanics)
  • Ropes and basic knots
  • Sailing equipment - Safety equipment
  • Navigation equipment - Compass - Instruments - Maps
  • Course planning - Determination of position by observation
  • Radio - Aids
  • Maintenance and safety
  • Motors - Electrical systems - Water system
  • Rudder - basic controls - The role of helmsman and crew
  • Catamarans
  • Sailing in bad weather
  • Rules for avoiding accidents at sea (SOLAS, IALA)
  • Auxiliary boats and equipment
  • Introduction to regatta competitions
  • Side berth - Side landing equipment
  • Group berth - Marinas - Anchoring and mooring on a buoy
  • Sailing at night - Night navigation - Fog sailing
  • Basic sailing techniques - Flying and circling
  • Departure - Departure
  • Advanced sailing - Advanced techniques - Sailboat tuning
  • Man in the sea
  • Spinnaker - Gennaker
  • Deck equipment



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